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If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.

Learn why leasing with Autoporter is the right option for you.

  • All Makes
  • Any Mileage
  • All Vehicle Knowledge
  • All Models
  • New & Used Leases
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    Individual Leases of Any Size
  • We Sell Used Cars &
    Accept Trade-ins For Cash
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“Our company has leased from Autoporter for over 20 years. Their knowledge of the marketplace and cars is invaluable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Stephen Peterson, Xcel

“My company, family and most of my friends have leased thru Autoporter for over 25 years. I actually enjoy getting a new vehicle because the level of service is so outstanding and the value is comparable to the best I could get anywhere else without the weeks of research and awkward negotiating with dealers that just want my business “today”. Aaron creates relationships that last a lifetime by providing exceptional value and service.” Phil Kalleberg, Principal, Parallel

Your Number One Auto Leasing Company Located in Hopkins, MN

Serving Clients Throughout the Country

Autoporter Leasing Service is an independently owned company that leases every vehicle make and model available, to businesses as well as individuals.

We are a recognized fleet with all major manufacturers, so you can easily have the vehicle of your dreams! We specialize in writing custom terms based on any mileage, and will design a leasing program for your specific needs.

There are many advantages to leasing rather than buying. Unlike when buying a vehicle, you do not pay for the entire cost of a vehicle when leasing. Instead, you pay only for the depreciation of the vehicle during the time you drive it.

Call us to begin your lease today!


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Contact Us

Autoporter Leasing Services

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